From 3D design to stunning photography using custom AI-generated models

EcoShot has been a groundbreaking tool for designers using 3D CAD since its launch in 2020. Bringing true-to-life model photography into a virtual environment meant that designers could for the first time, see their clothes in context, in the same way a customer would, say in a catalogue or e-commerce site before an actual sample was produced.

Now, with the opportunity presented by AI technology, we’ve been able to respond to users’ needs and once again consider how to apply innovative model photography, starting with those in the product development workflow.

Delighting and meeting the needs of 3D fashion designers

Fit is a design fundamental as is knowing who you are designing for. Being able to show clothes, pre-manufacture on a model that matches both the fit form and brand identity has been on EcoShot users’ wish lists for a while and finally, with the new custom AI-model service, this is now a reality! Using customers’ parametric fit forms as a base, a variety of model identities can be created and added to a brand’s EcoShot software subscription, making it possible for the 3D designer to dress and create model photographs, all within the same design software.

So what are the benefits of EcoShot custom AI models?


Taking advantage of the custom AI-models service, brands can easily obtain models of different sizes, ages and ethnicities. This makes it possible to effortlessly update looks for different seasons, campaigns or product categories without having to go through the expense of additional model photoshoots.


As the AI-generated models match the size and shape of existing parametric avatars, there is less 3D Styling work in the design software. Not only does this save valuable time for the designer, but it also creates a smoother workflow, particularly when also visualising different print and colour options.


In applying AI capabilities, the EcoShot development team have remained determined to maintain what EcoShot does best: Realism. Users will continue to enjoy natural-looking poses which are easy to dress in the 3D software and appear effortless and relaxed in the final model photographs.


Using parametric models of a brand’s specific measurements, multiple looks can be achieved to suit designs:

- As well as different hair options:

and different shoe options:

Different age groups: From young to mature models

The custom AI model service extends to male and child models, giving brands more photography options for Marketing and eCommerce.

EcoShot in Action

Consider how effective using a broader and better fit of models can be. Starting from design/line reviews and all the way to selling, without the need for photo samples!


In order to deliver the best results in terms of body-shape diversity and realism, EcoShot will continue to include real-life models and support them by opening up this new market for them - modelling 3D digital garments.

Ready to get started with your custom models?

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