Gen Ai Featuring Case Study


In the fast-paced world of fashion retail, innovation is vital. That’s where Featuring Limited’s vision came in. They understood that we are in an era where speed and efficiency are paramount. They also identified that the traditional processes used for creating images for print catalogues are the opposite of fast and efficient. With this in mind, Featuring Limited sought to develop a compelling print catalogue demo for a prominent German fashion retailer. The goal was clear: demonstrate the speed and efficiency of using digital 3D garments instead of physical samples.

Featuring Limited’s Challenge

Having used our product since 2020, Featuring Limited knew that EcoShot provided a convenient way of obtaining on-model imagery. EcoShot gave them a realistic and accurate method of showcasing 3D garments on real-life models. However, their latest project presented unique challenges. What were Featuring Limited’s needs this time? A wide range of natural poses. And a particular look to match the demographics of the models already featured in their German customer’s catalogue - “40-year-old European lady with light-to-mid brown skin and long wavy black or brown hair”. All within an almost unmanageable two-week deadline. A deadline that traditional photography and digitisation methods could not accommodate in time.

EcoShot’s Gen-AI Innovation

Thanks to our 15 years of machine learning experience, we have recently introduced Generative AI techniques to EcoShot. These state-of-the-art AI algorithms can understand and replicate human features with remarkable accuracy. They were also key to ensuring Featuring Limited could hit its tight deadlines. Metail only required four days to create an AI-generated model with 17 realistic and dynamic poses. However, this technological leap was not just about speed; it was about crafting a digital model that could seamlessly fit into the envisioned catalogue without compromising on realism or the specific model brief.

  • 40-year-old
  • Light brown skin
  • European
  • Long wavy black/brown hair


The project’s success was twofold. First, it highlighted the remarkable efficiency of using AI over traditional methods, which would have taken weeks. Second, it showcased the quality and versatility of the AI-generated model, proving that digital models could rival their real-life counterparts in visual appeal. Empowered by our state-of-the-art AI, Featuring Limited exceeded expectations. The German retailer was presented with a demo that was not just innovative but also retained the tactile essence of realism. It sent a clear message: the future of digital fashion presentation had arrived, challenging and surpassing established norms.

Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager at Featuring Limited, expressed her amazement: “With EcoShot’s Generative AI, we achieved in 4 days what would’ve taken weeks. The speed at which they delivered a lifelike model with plenty of poses was awe-inspiring. EcoShot’s new AI features are making people appreciate that they can use 3D garments for so much more than product development.

Key Benefits

  1. Speed: EcoShot’s Generative AI proves that even the most stringent deadlines can be met. Manufacturing, shipping and photographing physical samples on models requires weeks (or even months). EcoShot AI transforms this into days and ensures promptness without compromising on quality.
  2. Flexibility: There is more to it than just speed. EcoShot AI introduces unmatched adaptability to meet specific client needs. You can now create models with the right look for your audience. EcoShot AI can also create digital models that match your existing fit avatars. Stop adjusting your 3D garments to fit a model. Instead, receive digital models that fit your existing 3D garments perfectly.
  3. Pose variety: Why be restricted to only five poses per AI model? The Generative-AI techniques in EcoShot remove these types of restrictions. Showcase your 3D designs on AI models with an extensive range of natural and dynamic poses.
  4. Realism: Sceptical about AI-generated models? EcoShot AI-generated models challenge this scepticism. Their uncanny resemblance to real-life models ensures the essence of authenticity in presentations remains pristine.

The Unspoken Advantages

The switch from physical samples to digital 3D technology is about more than just speed and flexibility. It’s also about being able to ‘sell’ more.

Everyone knows that on-model imagery helps brands to sell more garments. Why else would brands incur the high cost and logistical complexity of photographing their clothes on models for their eCommerce sites?

However, these same high costs and complexity are obstacles in the earlier stages of the product lifecycle. On-model imagery is less common when it comes to wholesale B2B sell-in. At the earliest design stages, on-model imagery is almost nonexistent due to its traditional cost and complexity. The combination of 3D garments and AI-generated models can change.

Imagine obtaining images of your products on models without arranging physical samples. And without needing to coordinate the numerous personnel involved in time-consuming traditional photography shoots. Suddenly, on-model imagery becomes accessible to all, even if you are at the early design stage.

This combination of technologies can even impact eCommerce sites. Why do brands only show products on one model? It is the cost and complexity of traditional photoshoots again. 3D garments and AI-generated models let brands showcase products on multiple models accurately. Why do we say accurately? Because 3D garments start with the actual 2D cutting patterns used to manufacture the product. The result is that shoppers benefit from accurate visualisations of how the product drapes and folds on models of different sizes and looks.

Finally, there is one area that is very important to our team. It goes beyond improving efficiency and helping customers ‘sell’ more. The cycle of manufacturing and shipping physical samples for model photography is resource-intensive and exhaustive. Can we make it a thing of the past? Replaced with a far more sustainable form of model imagery - EcoShot.


EcoShot’s AI-generated models represent a significant step forward in model imagery for the fashion industry. They combine speed and flexibility with the realism and accuracy that today’s market demands. Are you interested in displaying your 3D designs on custom AI-generated models? Contact us today to explore this efficient, cost-effective solution. Your first custom AI model is on us.

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